Educated like her sisters at The Mount School, York (1889-92), then Newnham College Cambridge, and received a PhD at Heidelberg. Worked for some years in the Deutsches Archiv fur Volkslieder on bibliography of German folk songs. Published on Dutch, German and Bulgarian folk songs, also worked on English folk songs. She met Dr Constantin Constantinovich Mincoff, probably in Germany, and married him on 11th Feb 1904 at Wanstead Friends Meeting House. He worked for the Bulgarian diplomatic service, so they travelled and lived in various European capitals, including The Hague. One of her sons, Andon, died in 1919 aged 12; the other, Marco, married and there are further generations living in Bulgaria to this day.

This is Constantine, Elizabeth and Andon, and the date must be 1907.

So far we have Elizabeth identified as the author of four books, three of them directly within her professional interest in the history of music and folk songs, and one (with her sister-in-law Margaret) on Pillow Lace. Click below to visit them.

Pillow Lace


Bulgarian Folksongs