This site is about the literary and photographic interests of a fascinating group of people in my family history. They include my grandfather Ernest, his sisters, and my grandmother. All were authors, most of the women in multiple languages. Ernest was an active photographer with his own interests, as well as collaborating on publications with both his wife and his sister Elizabeth.

This fragment of the family tree shows the relationships

Children of James Howarth Marriage (1839 – 1913) and Mary Brookfield (1835 – 1899)

Ellen Marriage

1865 – 1946

Married the journalist F E Garrett, no children

Ernest Marriage

1866 – 1952


Two sons, Stephen (1909 – 1999)
and my father Tony (1912 – 2000)

Caroline Marriage

1869 – 1945


Married the Bulgarian diplomat Dr Constantine C Mincoff, two children

The Marriage family has Quaker origins, in Essex, and many were educated in Quaker schools. Margaret Brittain was from Belfast, where her two sisters remained, becoming well known as a jeweller and the company secretary of a railway company.